Biometric Sensor

Reach uses a state-of-art biometric fingerprint sensor to unlock only for authorized users. Capacitiance technology makes the sensor highly reliable and accurate, using the body's electrical current to read your unique finger patterns. 

Unlocks in under a second

Only unlocks for authorized users

Up to 5 users can be added

Locking System

Reach locks in your handgun when you push it down into the holster. The locking system prevents forced removal and ensures accidental discharge is not possible.

Auto-locking mechanism

Unique safe locking system

High strength metal alloy

Battery and Mounting

Reach comes with a charging mount that allows you to attach the holster safe to a sturdy location, deterring easy theft. The mount gets plugged into power so you don't have to worry about dead batteries.

Mount charges Reach via outlet

Internal battery backup for emergencies (8-10 hrs)

Mounting screws provided

Gun Specific

Reach uses holster inserts that are specific to your gun. They can easily be changed out depending on what handgun you have.

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