Vara Safety

Reach 2


Reach 2 is a handgun safe that provides immediate access to your firearm while keeping it secure. Using an advanced fingerprint sensor, the safe unlocks in 0.3 seconds for authorized users. With changeable holster inserts, Reach 2 is compatible with over 150 handguns.

In the box:

  • Reach 2
  • Holster Insert (handgun specific)
  • Charging Mount
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Charging Cable/Block
  • User Manual

Note: The RFID kit can be added separately to use an RFID bracelet, tag or stickers with Reach 2.

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Tech Specs

Size & Weight
4 x 3 x 7 in / approx 2.35

6000-series anodized aluminum
Brass locking bar
Stainless steel internal hardware

6 month standby battery life
Can be left on continuous power
USB to 5V DC

Unlocks in 0.3 seconds
256 true values per pixel
Full ESD protection to 30kV

Passive tags (no battery required)
AES advanced security encryption

See compatibility chart

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United States United States
Vara reach 2

I am impressed with the engineering that went into making this product. I found some of of the fit to be so tight it was difficult to reassemble. Since my installation was in my vehicle I wish the parts were all steel for extra security. I think I am really going to like this product.

Vara Safety Reach 2 Review
Jonathan J.
United States United States
I can’t wait for more of these to be made

I like the design of this mount and the whole reason I bought the reach 2 is to mount it in my and my wife’s vehicle. I would love to use this as soon as more become available.

Ron R.
United States United States
QC could be better, need mounting options

Plenty of positive reviews here. I like the device, I bought one for the house and one for the truck (still trying to figure out a secure mounting option that's not cheesy and weak)) But QC seems to be a problem. On both units (bought through Amazon) the hole in the locking tab on the charging base looks like it was made with a hand held drill and a wandering bit. They're both rough, oval, and improperly located so the ball plunger doesn't move smoothly or sometimes at all. I had to use a rat tail file on both to get them to work. Pretty poor implementation, these should never have left the factory. If they were hand reworked you should have just taken a deep breath and had them remade. Not a good, confidence inspiring customer experience. The holster insert on one of them (for a 1911) is so tight it doesn't slide. A few lock/unlock cycles left a nice score mark where the removable lock assembly rubbed the plastic. An occasional dry lube MIGHT work but it will be a lot more often than annually. It looks like someone didn't do a tolerance stack-up in the design or they did and the fabricator couldn't hit the tight tolerance specified. Here's a clue...a molded part is not as repeatable as the mold house would have you believe. You need to knock a thou or two off the part of the locking mechanism that rides over the holster insert. Absolutely, positively, no doubt about it needs a left side mounting option as well as a left handed option (they're not the same thing). For those who sleep on the other side of the bed there is no good way to mount this to the leg of the bed without having to be a contortionist to draw the gun. And lastly, a solid "L" bracket that would allow mounting to the back side of furniture without having to leave visible holes would be nice. I would suggest a nice thick aluminum extrusion with tapped holes and locking screws so it can be mounted right with no nuts on the back. Fix those issues and you'll have a bullet proof product (pun intended).

Andres L.
United States United States
Piece of mind at your fingertip

At first I was hesitant in purchasing vera safety after having it for six months I am completely satisfied on having this product in my house! I wouldn’t want anything else! Technology at its finest!