Reach 2

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Cecil P.
United States United States
Kudos to the inventor - this is an excellent product.

Use and installation is pretty clear - just follow the instructions. It works great for my medium to large hands. It releases very fast on the thumbprint and it reads prints very well. When our finger/thumb is properly placed on the reader, we have not had a rejection. No set up issues. We have a 5 year old granddaughter and this will prevent her from curious play but we will be teaching her gun safety soon. Someone can steal the gun if they steal my table - otherwise it mounts securely and would be tough to get the gun out of the holster to use. This one is in my den and mounted out of sight, but I probably won't leave the loaded gun in it when we are not at home or don't need it. Right now we have a laser bullet in it for draw practice. However, for my wife, the holster (S&W EZ9) is a bit snug and her thumb is a bit short to get it out of the holster easily. She has to pull hard enough that the table moves. We have adapted with a two hand draw for her - left on the table and right on the gun. I was expecting the gun to be ejected into her hand a little easier. if I just place my thumb on the reader, it does not push the gun upwards - you have to pull. I wish it had a stronger eject spring and a holster tension set screw, especially since she has arthritis in her thumbs. Maybe it will loosen up with time. So for her, it's probably 3 stars - but she likes it way better than any thumbprint or combination safe that we have tried. So if your old like me, you'll understand when I say Vara Safety gets 1000 Drew Carey points for the Reach 2. I'll probably buy one or 2 more in the near future for my bedroom and car. I highly recommend the Reach 2.

Vara Safety Reach 2 Review
Vara Safety

(Additional commented requested to be added by Ross Poole):"The photos were taken before I painted the wooden mounting board black. Now that it's blacked out, one cannot easily tell it is on the back of my table and certainly can't see there is a weapon in place. Also, one mounting hole on the device is directly behind the charging blade, so it's a little hard to get that screw in - you have to go in at a small angle. It would be helpful to offset the mounting hole or move the charging blade a little on future models. The Reach 2 is hands down better than anything else I have seen/tried for quick access."

Patrick M.
United States United States
Great product

Excellent product easy to setup wish there were more inserts

Eric E.
United States United States
Love it!

Love it!

Vara Safety Reach 2 Review
Richard D.
United States United States
Too Difficult

Set up directions were not clear and when attempted to set up the device would not go back together appropriately. $275 later it is sitting in the box and a different more intuitive product has been ordered.

Tech Specs

Size & Weight
4 x 3 x 7 in / approx 2.35

6000-series anodized aluminum
Brass locking bar
Stainless steel internal hardware

6 month standby battery life
Can be left on continuous power
USB to 5V DC

Unlocks in 0.3 seconds
256 true values per pixel
Full ESD protection to 30kV

See compatibility chart