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Access + Protection

Leading in fast access and protection.

How it works

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"The product has exceeded my expectations so far and I'm glad that I purchased it. My home defense gun is always available and ready at a moment's notice"

- Michael H.


"Being a single female living alone, Reach has changed my confidence levels and how safe I feel all together. Thanks for everything Vara!"

- Abby V.


"It’s simple, easy to use, reliable protection. My home feels like a safer place, for me and my little ones."

- Meghan W.


"This unit solves all of my problems. I’ve taught my 8 & 6-year-old about our firearms, but their friends are starting to come over for sleepovers and the Reach has become ESSENTIAL in our home for sure!"

- Caleb S.


"Thought I’d try this holster/safe, took a little to get the product to read my print. But once fully set-up I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on it. I’ve told all my friends who are gun owners to get it as well."

- Greg L.


Mount your handgun next to the bed, behind the nightstand, or hidden in the closet. Wherever you are comfortable, Reach keeps protection close.


Reach is also an excellent solution for firearm storage in the vehicle. Mount it inside the center console or use our Car Mount Adapter to bolt it under the seat.