The fastest fingerprint safe in the market

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Proudly made in our own facility

Built and Shipped in the U.S.

Unlock time: 0.3 seconds

Made for rapid protection

Reach 2 unlocks your handgun using your fingerprint. Stores up to 20 unique fingerprints.

As soon as you grab the gun, your thumb or pointer finger (for left-handed users) will land on the sensor, which unlocks in 0.3 seconds. Simply grab, unlock, and protect your home.

Backup battery life: 6 months

Designed to be nearby

Reach 2 can be attached to any location using the versatile charging mount. If there is a power outlet or USB port nearby, the safe can be left plugged into continuous power.

Reach also has an internal backup battery that will last 5-6 months, giving you more flexibility in mounting options and peace of mind.

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Most advanced processor

The technology

Reach 2 is powered by the most advanced processor for lightning-fast unlock times. It is the most fastest and reliable fingerprint sensor in the market.

Reach 2 uses a learning feature that will continually update your fingerprint the more you use the safe.


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