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Best in Protection

Reach is a biometric safe designed for immediate access. When you grab the gun, your thumb naturally lands on the fingerprint sensor on the safe and releases the gun. Reach is extremely secure and can withstand over 350lbs of force.

Only authorized users can unlock the gun from Reach.

Versatility as Needed

Reach comes with a charging mount that lets you secure it anywhere you need: next to your bed, under your desk, or even in your car. It uses an interchangeable holster insert to fit over 150 different handgun models.

The mount keeps it plugged into power. In case of a power outage, there is an internal battery that lasts 8-10 hours. Reach also comes with 2 override keys.

Fingerprint Advantage

The most important advantage of Reach is its fast and reliable fingerprint sensor. It uses capacitance technology that reads small electrical impulses in your finger to scan the lines and grooves. This even works with some moisture or sweat on your fingers.

A New Generation of Gun Safes

Reach is made for fast protection, while still having safe storage.

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Premier Biometric Sensor

Unlocks in under a second. Easy even in the dark or under stress. Reach can register up to 10 fingerprints

150 Handgun Models

Reach supports over 150 different handgun models. You can swap out holsters inserts for your firearms.

Unique Locking System

Made with high-strength metal, Reach locks in your handgun automatically when you insert it into the holster.

Reach is a biometric holster safe that provides immediate access without compromising personal security. Through changeable holster inserts, Reach is compatible with a variety of handgun types. Currently, Reach holster safe does not support light or laser attachments.


It’s simple, easy to use, reliable protection. My home feels like a safer place, for me and my little ones.

– Ashley V.

“I can keep my weapon next to me and not worry about my 5 year old reaching for it. Quick reach for your weapon in a time of need and keeps kids out.”

– John. K

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