Vara Safety


Creating Safer Homes

Vara Safety started with a mission to help responsible gun owners better protect their families and homes. To accomplish this, we worked together with over 1,500 gun owners from various types of homes to help design the perfect solution.

Pursuit of Innovation

We are driven to develop solutions that are designed to make lives better, easier, or simply bring joy and peace of mind. Inspired by leaders like Apple, Google, Nike and Amazon we wanted to bring innovative technology to personal protection and firearm safety.

A Passionate Team

Made up of a team of engineers, marketing, and operations leaders, we bring huge passion into our mission of ‘protecting the ones you love most’. Based in Upstate New York, many of our team members are responsible firearm owners and share in the need for better personal protection and gun safety.

 Contact Us

If you have any stories, questions, or comments please reach out to us at! We are always looking for product feedback and partnership opportunities, so send us a message.