Fingerprint Technology

Why use biometrics?

Biometrics technology is undoubtedly the most secure unique identifier for an individual. Like a snowflake, no two people have the same exact physical characteristics - or in this case, fingerprints.

Biometrics for identification has been a trusted method within law enforcement for many years, and the technology is improving rapidly as it becomes more widely used.

Why use OUR biometrics?

Our engineers have developed our own 'smart' algorithm, innovating within the biometrics industry itself. The algorithm uniquely updates a registered fingerprint each time an authorized match is used to unlock the safe.

(For example: the stored print will quickly adapt to a papercut and will further optimize unlocking speed as it heals.)

We integrate this technology with a state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor. This means our ergonomically designed and one-of-a-kind handgun safe utilizes the security benefits of biometrics while allowing for a quicker draw than a cowboy of the Wild West.

How does the fingerprint sensor work?

Our fingerprint sensor uses capacitance sensing technology - rather than the commonly used optical sensing technology. This is more secure since it requires an electrical current (naturally generated within our bodies!) to 'read' the ridges and valleys of a print, and cannot be easily recreated or bypassed.

When your fingerprint is registered to your safe, a cluster of points are mapped out and securely stored as a 'user' without needing or keeping an image your actual print.

When you place a finger on the sensor to unlock your safe, the sensor will look for as many points as it needs to confidently accept it as an authorized user.

How many fingerprints can I register?

Up to 10 fingerprints can be registered! This allows plenty of room to add backup fingerprints, or any other authorized users you want to have access to your firearm.

Adding new fingerprints requires the primary user's authorization.

How fast is our sensor? (spoiler: 0.2 seconds)

Our fingerprint sensor will read and accept an authorized print in 0.2 seconds!


Reach 2S

What major upgrades are found in Reach 2S?

Reach 2S features a state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor, more tolerant to dry, damp, or oily fingerprints. We have greatly increased the battery life, for a better experience if using Reach in your vehicle. Reach 2S uses an all-metal Security Mount which further protects against prying forces.

We are constantly working to improve our products and services. If you have any suggestions, please contact us to let us know your ideas!

Will my handgun work with Reach?

A Reach package comes with a holster insert, specific to your selected handgun model. All supported models are listed on the Reach 2S page, or you can view our full Compatibility Guide.

What if I don't see my handgun model listed?

We only list models once we have been able to physically test the actual handgun with our products ourselves. Other models which are very similar to a listed handgun may have been confirmed to fit securely through research, but we can only 100% guarantee the fit of listed models. Contact us for more information!

Can I use my Reach with multiple handguns?

Yes! Our holster inserts are interchangeable, and are available for purchase separately if you only have one Reach. If you have two similar models, you may even be able to use the same holster for both handguns! Check out our Holster Compatibility Guide to see what models your holster supports.

Will rail mounted lights or lasers work with Reach?

Reach is currently not compatible with light or laser attachments (due to the added material in front of the trigger guard). We are working on a version to support weapon-mounted lights! To help us out during development, please complete our survey and join the waitlist!

Will my red dot work with Reach?

Yes! Our holster inserts are designed to allow space for red dots. Larger optics mounted closer to the ejection port may interfere, but can be modified to fit.

Is there a left handed version?

A truly ergonomic lefty version is unfortunately not available. However, Reach can still be used with your pointer finger as the primary print, as shown in this video!



What is RACT?

We created RACT using our unique biometrics (fingerprint) technology. RACT is a locking rail mounted system, designed to secure rifles and shotguns for home defense.

Which RACT kit do I need?

RACT is available in two kits: one is designed specifically for an AR-style rifle platform, and the other for a bolt-action rifle or shotgun platform (without a pistol grip). You can select the kit on the RACT page, or contact us for help!

How do I assemble RACT to fit my long gun?

RACT consists of 3 main parts, secured to the mounting rail: the Locking Unit, Trigger Cover, and Stock Support. The position of each part is designed to be adjustable along the rail, in order to modularly accommodate your setup. Check out our user guide, and supplementary installation videos!