Reach Holster-Safe package is $299 and comes with:

  • The Reach¬†Holster-Safe

  • A Holster Insert (of your selection)

  • Charging Mount

  • Mounting Hardware

  • Charging Cable

  • Backup Keys

  • User Guide

Reach uses a unique locking system that was specially engineered for handguns. When you push your handgun firmly into the holster, it automatically locks it into the safe. A strong metal lock holds the front trigger guard and prevents the gun from being pulled out by force.

The lock entirely avoids the trigger, making sure that accidental discharge by trigger pull is not possible.

Reach uses holster inserts that are specific to your gun. They can easily be changed out depending on what handgun you have. Review our Compatibility Guide to find your holster match and see which holsters are currently in stock.

We are planning on making a left-handed version, but we need enough left-handed supporters to order all the expensive tooling and molds! You can make a request for a left-handed Reach model through our feedback survey. You'll be notified as soon as it's available.
Reach is powered through the charging mount. The charging mount comes with a power cable that can be plugged into an outlet, so that the unit will never run out of power. In the case of a power outage, Reach has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts 8-10 hours.
Reach uses an industry-leading fingerprint sensor that uses a larger capacitance surface area and a learning algorithm that continually updates your print for minor cuts and abrasions. This sensor has been tested to work even with slight moisture and sweat. It is the best sensor available for fast access and reliability.
Yes, there are backup keys provided with Reach that allow you to remove your firearm manually.
The provided charging mount and mounting screws will allow you to secure your mount to a strong surface such as your bedside table, vehicle, and other suitable places. The Reach unit slides into the mount and locks in via a screw that is located on the inside. You can only access this screw after unlocking the safe with the provided backup key. This prevents any intruder from stealing Reach along with the secured handgun.
Reach uses a patented insert system that allows you to change the holster insert to fit your specific handgun. This means you can own multiple inserts and swap them from your Reach‚ĄĘ depending on what handgun you want to use.¬†You can make a request for¬†your preferred handgun holster¬†through our feedback survey.¬†
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