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    RACT Rifle & Shotgun Safe

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    Product description

    RACT is a rifle & shotgun safe designed for fast access. This modular system is made to work with a large variety of AR-style platforms, hunting/sporting rifles, precision rifles, and shotguns. RACT can be used either as a solution for protection or to securely display a prized long gun.

    Quick Overview:

    • Features the tried & trusted Vara fingerprint sensor (unlocks in 0.2 secs)
    • Stores up to 10 fingerprints
    • 12+ month rechargeable battery life
    • Withstands over 550lbs of force
    • Mechanical key override
    • Fully adjustable (right and left-handed)
    • Supports scopes/lights/accessories.

    Product includes: RACT rail, biometric barrel lock, trigger cover, stock support, and mounting hardware.

    AR Style vs Traditional Rifle / Shotgun

    AR Style includes:

    • Standard 2.75" barrel hinge
    • AR-specific trigger guard insert
    • AR takedown pin shield

    Traditional Rifle / Shotgun includes:

    • Larger 3.3" notched barrel hinge
    • Rifle/shotgun trigger guard insert
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    RACT Rifle & Shotgun Safe


    RACT Rifle & Shotgun Safe

    After 2 years in development, we are proud to finally announce the official launch of RACT. Engineered for fast access, RACT enables you to unlock your rifle or shotgun in 0.2 seconds, so you can immediately respond to any emergency.


    Features Overview:


    Features Overview:

    RACT is made up of 3 core components that are mounted onto a rail:

    1. Biometric Barrel Lock
    A locking clamp that secures the barrel of the long gun. To unlock, place an authorized fingerprint onto the sensor and the latch will pop open, allowing you to quickly remove the gun.

    2. Trigger Cover
    The trigger cover prevents access to the trigger of the long gun. There is an AR-style insert and a traditional rifle & shotgun insert available for the trigger cover.

    3. Stock Support
    The stock support secures the long gun into the RACT platform and is adjustable to fit any length of stock.


    Product Specs


    Product Specs

    Size & Weight: 30 x 6 x 5.25 in | 15 lbs

    Materials: 12-gauge steel | nylon composite

    - Unlocks in 0.2 seconds
    - Stores 10 fingerprints
    - 256 true values per pixel
    - Full ESD protection to 30kV

    Battery: 12 month battery life | USB-C rechargeable

    Mechanical override: 2 backup keys provided

    Force Testing: 550lbs of force

    RACT has been force-tested against common tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc following the UL Residential Security Container guidelines. We also went further and tested with with a strong neodynium magnet, prybars, and a sledgehammer.