Types of Ammunition

Ammunition types can be kind of confusing, from name to caliber size it’s a lot to figure. At Vara Safety we’ve created an infographic that breaks ...

Popular Shooting Stances

In a quick 101 lesson,  we’ve pulled together three stances that support your frame, a brace of impact, and help adjust your movements quickly.

Handgun 101: Parts and Safeties

A quick overview of the basic parts of a handgun as part of the Vara Safety #ShootTheVirus campaign.

Fix Your Shooting Grip

The right-shooting grip can affect aim, recoil, and support when shooting a handgun. A proper grip helps you handle recoil, allows you to control e...

Firearm Safety Around Children

Our latest #ShootTheVirus tool focuses on firearm safety around young kids. The tips outlined below encourage children to take notice of their surr...

How to Shoot Better: Trigger Control #FridayFundamentals

We are starting a new series called #FridayFundamentals! To help any new shooters or gun owners looking to refresh their firearm fundamentals, we w...

5 Ways to Mount Your Reach

Knowing where to mount your Reach is a no brainer, simple, functional, and elegant design that makes the Reach a better firearm safety solution.

All About the Reach: Firearm Safe

The Reach: Firearm Safe, engineered for both safe firearm storage and immediate access in an emergency situation is the perfect fit.

A Mission For Safety & What’s Next

The mission at Vara Safety is to create a safer home - one where values of firearm safety and protection are important to those who live inside.