To 1st Time Gun Owners,

With the many new people joining the gun community, we want to welcome and help provide resources for those who may be learning about firearms for the first time. At Vara Safety, we created a set of online resources to provide guidance on gun responsibility, training, and more.

March 27 - April 10

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From Our CEO

I remember having a million questions after my first firearm purchase- what are the safety rules again, how do I shoot accurately, what is the best grip for managing recoil, how often do I clean my gun?... and much more.

With the recent wave of first-time gun owners joining the community, I wanted to give back and share the helpful information that I have learned over the years from my mentors, instructors, family, and friends. 

For this reason, Vara Safety is creating a platform of educational content and resources dedicated to new gun owners and anyone else looking to improve upon their gun education

- Timmy Oh


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