All About the Reach: Firearm Safe

All About the Reach: Firearm Safe

Traditional handgun safes typically followed the design of black sheet metal and closed box cases. These designs don’t address the two most crucial needs of handgun owners: 

(1) to have immediate access to their firearm for protection and 

(2) remain secure against unauthorized access or theft.

Such unmet necessities are often the main contributor to why so many firearms are left unsecured.

So, what’s the solution to a decades-long design flaw?  The Reach: Firearm Safe, engineered for both safe firearm storage and immediate access in an emergency, is the perfect fit.

Reach is a hybrid between a holster and a gun safe, and thus mimics the user experience and speed gun owners are very familiar with.

Equipped with leading biometric technology, Reach allows users to securely access their firearm through a naturally aligned fingerprint sensor. The entire process of reading a fingerprint and actuating the unlocking mechanism takes under a second. To lock in the handgun, you simply push the gun firmly into the holster insert and Reach automatically locks it into place securely.

Also, its sleek design allows users to mount the safe to everyday household furniture such as side tables, shelves, and bed frames. Reach accessories like the car mount, security attachment, and longer power cables extend the unit’s mounting capability far beyond the home and into more convenient places.

Reach Features include:

  • A large biometric sensor that uses premier capacitance technology for accurate fingerprint data capture and high reliability. Unlocks under a second and can add up to five (5) authorized users. 

  • A charging mount that keeps the safe plugged in for reliable power. The mount is versatile and can be used to secure Reach next to the bed, in the closet, under a desk, or in the vehicle.

  • An internal backup battery that is rechargeable and holds power for an additional 8 (eight) hours, in the case of an emergency power outage.

  • A holster insert that can be changed out to your specific handgun model (ie. Glock insert, 1911 insert, etc).

  • A mechanical key override as a physical means of backup.

Reach: Firearm Safes are now available for pre-order with the first 1000 orders scheduled to ship on August 31st, 2019. There are only a limited number of units left in the first production batch. Get your Reach unit today, before it’s too late!

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