A Mission For Safety & What’s Next

Vara Safety CEO and Founder, Timmy Oh started the Reach project because he believed that children’s deaths from firearm-related accidents were the most regrettable and heart-wrenching issue. 

According to a study by Firearm Storage Patterns in U.S. Homes with Children, more than 55% of US homes with children and firearms have one or more guns in an unlocked place. Such a need to prevent accidents lead Timmy to continue the Reach project beyond the prototype phase.

Gradually, Timmy’s mission reached the gun community and lead to the start of Vara Safety. Now, as a 10-member team, our mission remains the same:  to create a safer home - one where values of firearm safety and protection are essential to those who live inside.

At Vara Safety, we believe our purpose is to create highly engineered products like the Reach, that satisfy the need for both safe firearm storage and immediate access in an emergency.

With Reach launching earlier this summer, we are one step closer to enacting our mission. Also, the results of our first official test run of 20 units will be released this July and production for our first 1,000 units will follow shortly after.

Even more exciting, Reach is now available for preorder through Optics Planet! Our partnership with Optics Planet expands our mission to thousands and provides our buyers with premium customer support through a trusted re-seller of hunting, shooting, and outdoor gear.

For Vara Safety there’s more to be done on our mission, including future product releases and engagement programs with our customers. You can keep track of our milestones, deals, and future product announcements by signing up for the Vara Safety newsletter below.

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