5 Ways to Mount Your Reach

5 Ways to Mount Your Reach

Capable of both immediate access and reliable protection, the Reach locking holster answered the gun industry's most crucial needs. Plus, knowing where to mount and keep access to your Reach is a no brainer, due to the simple, functional, and elegant design. Here are a few of our favorite locations to place our Reach.

1. Since each Reach package comes equipped with a charging mount, your Reach can mount to traditional home furniture like the shelf, bed, or side table.

2. Additional accessories like the car mount adapter bring Reach to the center console of a car. The bonus of firearm safety within the vehicle is now theft-proof!

3. With more than one charging mount placed in either the home, car, or office, the Reach turns portable and mounts where you need it most.

4. With dimensions no larger than your cell phone, but smaller than a 16 oz water bottle, the Reach can seamlessly fit in discrete locations and away from unauthorized users.

5. Even if you want to put it on display, the sleek silver finish and matching black holster makes it easy to showcase and accent the style of any room.

Elegant, simple, and intuitive, the Reach provides a modern look and modern solution to an age-old problem. Atop its signature design elements, Reach's leading biometric sensor unlocks in under a second and can program up t have authorized users. 

Have questions on how to mount your Reach and Reach accessories? Check out the Reach Quick Start Guide and other helpful tips on the Reach Guide page.

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