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    Proprietary fingerprint sensor unlocks in 0.2 seconds.

    Stores up to 10 fingerprints

    Solid machined brass locking system

    Mounts to any secure surface (bed, nightstand, car, etc)

    See product description below for more details.

    Product description

    Reach 2S is great for any gun owner. Give the gift of a quick access and secure firearm!

    Gift cards are perfect if you're unsure of the handgun make and model. Purchase of a gift card, or a Reach 2S through gift card credit, is refundable as per our normal return policy. (Please contact for assistance.)

    Additional features

    Tamper resistant
    Compact design
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    E-Gift Card


    Trusted and Reliable

    Reach is trusted in over thousands of homes. Here are some videos that were sent in by our customers and reviewers.

    A Proud American Company

    Life Time Guarantee

    We stand behind our product and are committed to provide the best technical and customer service.

    Top-notch support

    Our support team are Vara technicians/engineers here in the U.S.

    Satisfied or refunded

    Our easy 30-day return guarantee allows customers to try products without any risk.


    Can I trust a fingerprint sensor?


    Can I trust a fingerprint sensor?

    Biometrics are faster and more convenient than keys or codes, making it a great choice for security and immediate access. But only if it is reliable!

    Vara is a technology-led company that was founded by engineers from RPI. We found a problem with the unreliable fingerprint sensors found in so many gun safes.

    So our incredible engineering team created our own proprietary fingerprint system, using a smart algorithm that continues to learn your fingerprint the more you use the sensor. It unlocks faster than any biometric system in the market and has been tested to work with sweaty fingerprints, oil, dust, chalk, sawdust, and much more.


    How secure is Reach?


    How secure is Reach?

    The first priority was making sure Reach was childproof. This meant safety measures such as:

    1. Reach keeps the firearm always locked, even without power.
    2. Preventing access to the trigger

    After customer feedback from the Reach 2, the team further increased the durability with an all-metal Security Mount which has proven to stand up against brute-forced attempts by potential theives and burglars.

    Reach has been force-tested against common tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc following the UL Residential Security Container guidelines. We also went further and tested with with a strong neodynium magnet, prybars, and a sledgehammer.