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We are always looking for ways to improve the design and interface of our products to avoid the need for troubleshooting. Thank you for your help in providing feedback and asking questions so we can improve!

Below are the most common questions we hear. Please contact us if you'd like a walkthrough of any of these steps, if you'd like us to add instructions, or if you have any further questions!



My Reach won't lock!

Reach will not lock if there are no fingerprints stored yet. Were you able to register your fingerprint?

To check whether your fingerprint was successfully added, place that finger on the sensor. If the lights blink blue, you'll need to try again!

I keep trying, but my fingerprint just won't seem to register.

Let's try again!

You might be used to moving your print around on the sensor like you might on your smartphone. - Instead, while in registration mode, aim to place the same area of your fingerprint on the sensor each time.

Another great tip is to make sure your hands are moisturized for registration. This will help the sensor see a more defined fingerprint. (A special thanks to our law enforcement friends for this tip!)

I think my safe is 'forgetting' my print?

Our biometrics technology features a 'smart' algorithm which adapts to minor changes to your fingerprint over time.

The best thing you can do to maintain an updated print on your safe, is to simply unlock your safe more often! If you don't unlock it everyday, try to a few times a week. This will also help build muscle memory to access your locked firearm, like you would practice drawing from your holster!

If you feel like your print has more drastic changes in shorter amounts of time (i.e. if you're a mechanic), it may be good practice to completely re-register your print after big projects or every few months.


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