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Fix Your Shooting Grip

Fix Your Shooting Grip

The right-shooting grip can affect aim, recoil, and support when shooting a handgun. A proper grip helps you handle recoil, allows you to control each shot, and quickly get back on target.

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RACT is now shipping!


The wait is finally over! RACT orders for Batch #1 & #2 are now going out the door to our customers. 

Tracking numbers will be automatically sent to your emails as they get packaged and picked up by our shipping carrier (Fedex/UPS). It will take a couple weeks for them to all get sent out, but orders will be going out every day as we quickly catch up on all your preorders. 

Thank you again for all the support and patience. These RACT safes are incredible and we can't wait to see them in your homes.


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RACT Batch #1 Preorder Update

Hello RACT Batch #1 customers,

Thank you for being the first to support RACT! We still can't believe how quickly our preorders sold out. Most of our production parts have now arrived at our facility here in Upstate NY, where each RACT safe will be built, assembled, and quality tested before going out to you.

Shipping updates:

Over the past few months, our timeline has been tight, yet we had been on track for our Dec 14th shipping date. However, we recently confirmed this week that there will be a delay due to a single late component. Our team is ready for assembly and just waiting on that last part to be revised and shipped to us. The supplier is estimating 25 days to finish and ship us the late part.

The new expected ship date is January 12th. Although we are extremely frustrated that we are not able to meet the original delivery date, we are making sure not to rush product out the door and ensure each RACT meets our high quality standards.

Gift for all our Batch #1 customers:

To make up for the delay, we also ordered a custom RACT gun cleaning pad for all of our Batch #1 customers. These will be shipping out together with your RACT order. 

Thank you for your understanding. We will be working hard over the holidays to get these orders ready and shipped out ASAP.

- Vara Team
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Types of Ammunition

Ammunition types can be kind of confusing, from name to caliber size it’s a lot to figure. At Vara Safety we’ve created an infographic that breaks down the most common ammunition types.

Popular Shooting Stances

In a quick 101 lesson,  we’ve pulled together three stances that support your frame, a brace of impact, and help adjust your movements quickly.