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    Car Mount Adapter

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    Product description

    The Car Mount Adapter allows you to mount Reach at your feet inside your vehicle, connecting the set of 4 steel brackets in a way to best fit in your space.

    Quick Overview:

    • Mount Plate
    • Extension Arm
    • Seat Bracket
    • 90° Seat Adapter
    • Hardware

    Mount Plate: Reach secures to the Mount Plate to ensure it is positioned high enough off the ground or surface for proper assembly and key access.

    Extension Arm: The Extension Arm allows the Reach to be positioned up to 6-inches further from the seat bolt it is secured to, for when the front seat is pulled forward.

    Seat Bracket: The Seat Bracket secures everything using the existing bolts underneath the front of the driver or passenger seat.

    90° Seat Adapter: The 90° Seat Adapter is included for vehicles with horizontally placed seat bolts, to be used instead of the Seat Bracket.

    Product Specs:

    • 12-gauge black powder coated steel
    • Mount bolts: 3/16 Hex, ¼-20, ¼-in length
    • Assembly bolts: 3/16 Hex, ¼-20, ½-in length

    Note: Compatible with both Reach 2S (Security Mount) and Reach 2 (Charging Mount). Extra Security Mount / Charging Mount sold separately.

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    Car Mount Adapter