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    RACT Conversion Kit (Optional Add-on)

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    Product description

    RACT has swappable parts to work with either a AR Style platform or a Traditional Rifle & Shotgun platform. 

    If you purchased the AR Style and would like to add on the Traditional Rifle & Shotgun Style (or vice versa), you can purchase this Conversion Kit here!

    AR Style kit includes:
    - Standard Hinge (fits most AR barrels)
    - AR-style Trigger Guard (designed for AR lower receivers)
    - Takedown pin shield (protects the AR from being disassembled)

    Traditional Rifle & Shotgun kit includes:
    - Larger Hinge (fits larger shotgun and rifle barrels)
    - Traditional Rifle/Shotgun Trigger Guard (designed for traditional stocks)

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    RACT Conversion Kit (Optional Add-on)